About Nucius.org

Nucius.org is something between a blog and a digital image archive, mostly filled with historic graphics, engravings, lithographs and some photographs. It’s quite an open project: I’ll fill this site with old and historic stuff I encounter by the way (meaning: in real life, usually bought in antique shops and bookshops, markets, etc.). Since I’m not an art historian, please don’t be so sure the terms used are always absolutely correct. This is also the reason why I sometimes stay quite neutral and short within image descriptions.

S.S. Columbus, c. 1914Église Saint-Léger de Royat (c. 1860)View of Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Finsteraarhorn (c. 1840)Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (c. 1900)Marie Luise Anna Prinzessin von Preußen


One thing very, very important to me: This website does not republish material taken from other webpages or online ressources. In most cases it hasn’t been on the web so far at all.
Usually you will find a note about the sources used and the origins of the photographs, engravings etc. on the same page, most probably belower in the post, along with some notes about author, date, original (sub)title etc. In case I forgot something important and you’ve got some serious interest in reproducing or using the image file(s) (or a larger, better version of it) simply write me (contact).

Ye olde copyright song

I really try to respect any copyrights. Please note that all the material and media scanned, the copies of books, albums, documents etc. used and reproduced for this website, are in my possession and were digitized by me. So actually, the reproduced pictures, books, documents itself would normally be in the public domain today – please note, that the reproductions on this website, the editing and the modifications done by me, are not. Please respect the effort it takes to find, buy, reproduce and edit this stuff. So in case you want to use single pictures to illustrate content of yours: No problem, but not for commercial purposes, not on websites only built and obviously designed to earn money via affiliate links or ads, and please make sure to set a link to this website or the original image post. By the way, please don’t do it by hotlinking/inline linking (on a larger scale it’s really annoying, and I don’t get my bandwith for free).

Using and reading this website

Well, though being published with a blog software and though somehow being a blog, this website is mainly organized like an image database, with (most) posts/articles being an image entry. I tried to do this in a quite clear and light structured way, which may not always have worked out perfectly, also because I can’t spend to much time on this.

Generally, as you already might have noticed, most of the images are organized in basic categories by topics or time (you can browse them by the main menu), but you can also search for sources, few names and geographical aspects by tag (click). Or you can still search everything by the usual search form. By the way: By clicking the images they usually should be enlarged by using a Lightbox-plugin.

Please also be always aware that everything you can find here was published long, long ago. Therefore the (few) texts and original image descriptions and even the images and their compilation in an album or book of course always represent the knowledge of their time and authors – and their ideas and ideologies.

Enjoy, regards.

Marienplatz square Munich, c. 1890