Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholm Church), Stockholm (c. 1685)

Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholm Church), Stockholm (c. 1685)

Engraving depicting the Riddarholm Church (swedish: Riddarholmskyrkan) in Stockholm, Sweden.


copper engraving


Alain Manesson Mallet (1630–1706)


around 1685

Original Size:

c. 14×10 cm

Original title/description:

die Kirch Ritterholm. Fig: X X I


Taken from Alain Manesson Mallets (1630–1706) “Beschreibung des gantzen Welt-Kreysses”, a book published 1684–1685 in Frankfurt (it’s a german translation of Mallet’s “Description de l’Univers”, first published 1683 in Paris).

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